Baby Care
Natural Biodegradable Bamboo Diaper

100% Bamboo Fiber Top Sheet
Locks away moisture quickly and silky against baby’s skin
Natural Aloe Liner
Nourishes baby’s skin to reduce risky of nappy rash and other sensitive skin problems
Soft Feel Frontal Tape
Provides a quieter release when change the nappy   
Ultra-Breathable Back Sheet
Perforated 100% bamboo fiber allows fresh air to circulate and keep baby’s skin dry
Safe Glue Wetness Indicator
Lets you know when baby needs to be changed
Super Absorbent Core
Contains a high-quality super absorbent material to lock moisture away and keep the surface dry
Triple Strength Side Tabs
Imported from Germany, adjustable to allow baby to move freely
Leak Guards
Allows for a perfect fit to prevent leakages
Elastic Waistband
Best material from 3M company can provide comfortable fit

Innovative T-shape Structure Design to Prevent Bow Legs 

Gold Double Aecs
Prevents legs being O-shaped

Wetness Indication
Diapers chages colour where wet, so mummy always knows when it needs replacing

Ultra Brathable Back-sheet
Alllows fresh air to circulate around baby's bottom, so as to keep skin dry

Super Absorbent Core
Imported SAP has super absorbing capablities and solid water locking which makes the surface dry more quickly

Aloe Liners
Natural aloe liners nourish baby's skin and keeps it soft & smooth

Elastic Waist Band
Provides a sug & comfortable

Magic Tapes
Enable the diaper to be refastened multiple times