• Size

    Q: How do I know which size of Besuper Green Eco nappies I should use for my child?
    A: It is not uncommon for some children to experience a less than ideal nappy fit although they may fall within the recommended weight range of a particular nappy size.

  • Performance

    Q: How do I use Besuper Green Eco nappies?
    A: Here are some tips on how to use our nappies on your baby!

    Unfasten the nappy tabs and fasten them back on themselves so they don’t stick to your baby, but don’t remove the dirty nappy yet.
    Wipe away any

  • Environment

    Q1: Can you explain what biodegradability means?
    Q2: How does the composting process work?
    Q3: Besuper Green Eco nappies claim to be based on biodegradable material. What exactly does that mean?

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