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How do I use Besuper Green Eco nappies?


Here are some tips on how to use our nappies on your baby!

           1. Unfasten the nappy tabs and fasten them back on themselves so they don’t stick to your baby, but don’t remove the dirty nappy yet.
           2. Wipe away any solids with the nappy, taking care to cover the penis with a clean cloth or nappy if your baby is a boy (for sanitary reasons and to avoid an unexpected warm shower).
           3. Lift the baby’s bottom off the table using an ungainly, yet effective, ankle hold.
           4. Fold the dirty nappy in half under the baby.
           5. Using a Besuper wipe or wet cotton wool, clean your baby’s front thoroughly. For a girl, always wipe from front to back.
Lift both of your baby’s legs and clean the bottom.
           7. Swap a clean nappy for the dirty one. The clean nappy’s top half (the half with the tabs) should go under your baby’s rear, and the front half should come up between the legs (which should be spread as widely as is comfortable for your baby). Try not to bunch the nappy between your baby’s legs as it can cause chafing and discomfort. For newborns, avoid covering the umbilical cord. For boys, tuck the penis down so moisture will be less likely to escape.
           8. Fasten the nappy at both sides with the tapes, making sure it’s snug, but not so tight that it pinches the skin.
           9. Wrap the soiled nappy around the contents, put it in an Disposal Bag, and pop it in the bin. Dress your baby, and wash your hands thoroughly. That’s it – you’re done!

I have had quality/performance problems with Besuper Green Eco nappies. What should I do?


If you experience a problem with our nappies please file a complaint with us at Customer Inquiries and we will try to find out if there are any abnormalities in the specific production batch you received. Please be sure to include the batch code number so that we can process your complaint. We try to answer all questions within two to four days.

I have noticed a gel-like substance on my baby’s skin after changing Besuper Green Eco nappies. What is it?

The gel-like substance is actually an important part of the absorption process and is known as a super-absorbent. Super-absorbent granules are widely employed within the disposable nappy industry to improve absorption and provide enhanced leakage protection. They have now enjoyed a long, safe history of use spanning some twenty years in nappies as well as in some feminine care products and adult incontinence nappies.


I am interested in Besuper Green Eco nappies. Can you send me a free sample?


We receive hundreds of e-mails from people requesting free samples of our products and we are thrilled you are considering Besuper Green Eco’s high performance disposable nappies for your child. We have the greenest nappies on the market which are especially kind to your child and gentle on the environment.

Unfortunately, we are unable to meet all of these requests. Please feel free to sign up as a Besuper Green Eco Ambassador to be notified of news, upcoming product announcements, special offers, and programs. We hope you agree that our Besuper Green Eco products are worthy of further consideration.